ROATAN : 3 days in Paradise


When we first decided to go to Roatan, we did not even realize that we were actually travelling to Honduras, one of the Latin America’s most infamous countries.

Hear me well : Roatan is not Honduras, at least not as you’d think of “the most dangerous country in the Planet”. It might be an island within Honduras but it is a whole other place. It’s Paradise.

Where is Roatan ? – you might ask. For as much as I’ve travelled, I did not hear about this place until (very) recently. Grab your Central American Caribbean Map and head to turquoise waters and diving paradise. That would be Roatan : the the largest and most developed of Honduras’ Bay Islands.

While planning the trip, I found it very difficult to understand where to stay, when to go and what to do in order to fully enjoy our 3 day-ride to Paradise.

Roatan: Why go there ?


Even if now the answer appears to be obvious to me, at first it wasn’t : flights are not cheap, accommodation might be expensive, no A-list restaurants, massive touristy-beach alert and infamous Honduras. Take it easy. Roatan is all about chilling out and enjoying.

REASON #1 : It’s absolutely gorgeous. Do you often picture beach holidays as in white sand beach, palm trees and turquoise waters ? Well, Roatan is exactly that (and more).

REASON #2 : It’s absolutely safe. Yes, Honduras might suffer from violent gangs and pandillas, but you will not find any of that in Roatan. Try leaving your bag (camera, iPhone, dollars and fancy things) on the beach during your 2 hour swim. We did. Nothing happened. We are in Heaven.

REASON #3 : Indeed, when cruises arrive to the Island, more than 3000 tourists are unleashed in the village and the crystal-clear sea. But if you plan your trip carefully, you might find yourself alone in wow-beaut beaches.

So here’s my take on Roatan, feel free to give your tips if you’ve been already to Roatan because I am definitely planning to go back as soon as I can.

Keep reading :

> ROATAN DAY 1 : Travel tips for getting there and around

> ROATAN DAY 2 : West Bay, enjoying beach & bars & quiet

> ROATAN DAY 3 : West End, sand, sun and Nemo

> ACCOMODATION : Beautiful Cocolobo eco-lodge


4 thoughts on “ROATAN : 3 days in Paradise

    1. Hey Loan Hong ! Sorry I missed your post, been busy traveling 🙂 I decided to change this blog’s theme. Harmonica was becoming way too tricky ! Have fun, and thanks for reading !


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