My Sun Game : Face, Lips, Hair, Body for a sunny day !

Sun Game… in January ? I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to experience Austral Summer. That is: summer in the South of our dear Planet. While it’s winter back home in Paris, you can enjoy beautiful summer in Australia, Argentina or, do it like me: Chile.

While prepping my suitcase for a roadtrip down the Pacific coastline, here’s what I am bringing with me. Get the beaut of the sun for your Face, Lips, Hair and Skin during and after the sun !



Sun Game

Face, After-Sun
Soin Visage Après-Soleil Nutri-Apaisant – Daniel Jouvance
This might come in a different, more modern presentation now. The formula is special for your face skin. I happen to spend too many hours on the beach or by the pool (oops ! ) and get that red, warm, itchy skin.. yes, that is, like a crab. Try this face after-sun, it’s fresh and will calm down the sunburn. Your face will thank you! Oh and it comes in this perfect 50ml size, handy for handbag and carry-on!

Face, Sun cream
Solar Expertise Anti-wrinkle and sun cream – L’Oréal
Another great add-on to your sun nécessaire. I am using SPF 30 but be sure to use the one that will work best for your skin type. This one is not greasy and
absorbs quickly enough while protecting the very sensitive skin of your face. I am loving the size and the price. Good bargain from L’Oréal !

Lips, Lipbalm
Antihelios XL SPF Lipstick SPF 50+ – La Roche Posay
If you happen to have VERY sensitive lips like myself, try this high protection lipstick. It’s fragance free, water-resistant and paraben-free. It’s super smooth and will keep your lips hydrated and protected. I also love using this one when I am traveling and my lips get dry on  the plane. Perfect – can’t live without!

Hair, after-sun
Phyto-plage après-soleil Spray Réparateur – PHYTO
I got this one before travelling to Mexico and it’s a must in my sun/beach/pool bag. Use it as an aftersun (or after washing your hair). It’s made out of Keratrice and safran extracts, good ingredients for your tired hair. Smells good and will protect and nourish your hair. It’s anti-salt and anti-chlore. That means you can say good-bye to those dry-ends of your last summer vacation!

Body, oil protection and tanning
Soins soleil à l’Uncaria d’Amazonie – Galénic
If I had to choose one only product to take care of my skin during holidays, this would be it. I got this one in Paris at the Bonaparte Pharmacy (you know, the cheapest one in Paris)
and I don’t regret the purchase. It’s oil so you will feel your skin immediately hydrated. It’s rich in natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest and smells very good. You will feel your skin smooth and velvety, plus it’s perfect for a nice, responsible tan. 

Body oil, sun protection
Protéctyl Végétal SPF 30 – Yves Rocher
This is also a favorite of mine because of the smell, protection and price! I’ve tried the Yves Rocher CREAM version of this, and I did not like it – sticky and greasy. However, the oil version is great. Smells like you’re somewhere in Polynesia (maybe you are?), absorbs very fast and leaves your skin hydrated and protected. Also, the spray is very handy. We’re a match!

Body and Hair, lotion
Monoï de Tahiti – Yves Rocher
At first I did not understand what this product was meant for, until I discovered all it’s uses. First of all, it is not a sunscreen protection oil. It’s just hydrating oil. Use it on your body or your hair. The smell is divine and your skin will be glowy and sheer. I love using this oil in summer when I am not needing SPF and in replacement of my regular body-milk : after bath or shower for a night out or a sunny brunch. Love it. And by the way, it’s one of the brands BEST SELLER for the last 30 years – no wonder why …!


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