The day I rented a French chateau (for my loved one)

One day I decided to go big, to take a romantic getaway, run away to the Parisian countryside… and rented a French Chateau for my love one.

The Day I rented a French Chateau - TRYTHESKY

The truth is, I’ve never dreamt, enjoyed or cared about grand romance, big pink hearts or red roses. However, one day I decided to go big, to take a romantic getaway, run away to the Parisian countryside… and rented a French Chateau for my love one.

Our first anniversary, he said “Happy Anniversary”. I forgot. Our second anniversary, he said “Happy Anniversary”. I had forgotten , again. Our third year together he called me and asked “Do you know what day it is today”, “Tuesday” I replied. Once again, I did not remember that date. Four, Five, Six and Seven years went by, all the same. So when he had given up on my romanticism, I tracked my options (time and finances) and surprised him.

If you wish to plan a getaway from Paris, solo, romantic, with family or a group of friends… keep reading !

Let me know if you decide to go !

Hope you’ll enjoy your Castle Life 🙂


Our perfectly luxurious weekend at Château des Moyeux

We went there on a cloudy, rainy day. Our GPS led us 1h30 away from Paris and, there we were, opening the gates of a beautiful 19th Century Château, the so called Château des Moyeux.


Photos Iphone 2013 1485
Main stairway at the Chateau des Moyeux, one hour from Paris

This beautiful castle has a little bit of history. It was built in 1848 on the foundations of a former hunting manor house of the daughter of General La Fayette. Later on, the castle was inhabited by Eléanor Vergeot, the one and only mistress of Napoléon III. By the beginning of the XXth century, the Rigaud family – famous for their candles and fragances – acquired the place, hiring forty gardeners to maintain the greenhouse (which ruins remain today) and the garden rich of exotic flowers.


From the mid XXth century to date, it has been owned by private (wealthy) citizens. Today a charming couple, Mr. and Mrs. Galazommatis, has decided to open the doors of their castle as a beautiful, luxurious-feeling, B&B about 1 hour away from Paris.


Raining outside? Snow flakes by the window? No problem : have a swim at the Chateau Moyeux warm in-door pool. And be happy.

During our weekend, we got the whole #CastleLife thing. Think about gorgeous and authentic interiors, a “backforest” (not your average backyard…an actual forest), an 18th century chapel (great place for a wedding in case you’re wondering) and what was the best thing ever : a warm indoor pool !

It might not look from the pictures, but it was actually raining and freezing outside. Just the idea of getting away from a cloudy, rainy, grey day in Paris and go swimming on a warm pool surrounded by a green luxurious forest…… #Priceless.

The rooms are what you would expect of a castle, beds and bathrooms Napoleon style. In the morning, your hosts will treat you with a delicious, home-made breakfast ! You get the castle to hang around, read in one of the so chic salons overlooking the garden forest, take a walk outside, enjoy the pool….. What else ?

More info :
M. et Mme Galazommatis
Château des Moyeux
77370 La Chapelle-Rablais
Tél : +33 (0)1 64 08 49 51

Things to do nearby Chateau de Moyeux

If you want to stay locked in Les Moyeaux you definitely can (why not?). However, if you want to explore around, here are 2 good options right therefor you :




Provins Place Centrale at night, perfect place to grab dinner

So you get to the castle, you go for a walk, you take a swim. Dinner time !


By the time we went there, the couple hosting the Castle did not offer “Table d’hôtes”, that means you cannot have dinner there.

Your best option would be heading to the very popular and medieval town called Provins (15 mins away) and have dinner there. Might be quite touristy but still a good option !

Following Napoleon’s last steps in France at the Chateau de Fontainebleau

Photos Iphone 2013 1505
Yes, there is a Napoleon Museum ! #NapoleonGeeks get ready for this.

No need to introduce this incredible Château that you must visit if you come to France, if you like History, if you like Napoleon, if you get away from Paris. I mean, it’s a must.

We visited Fontainebleau on our second day at Les Moyeux. It is 20 mins away and the visit is really worth as it is one of France’s most iconic Castles for its History and Architecture.

Fontainebleau is a small city so you can walk around, have breakfast or lunch (or dinner) in one of it’s charming cafés or brasseries.

More info :

Picture Disclaimer: If not stated otherwise, all the photos featured in this blog belong to myself. Do you like them? Great! Be kind and link them back here and/or credit. Thanks 🙂

Planning a trip to Fontainebleau? Wish to escape from Paris for a week-end? Do you like Castles? Do you LOVE Napoleon?  Your thoughts on the comments box below 👇


2 thoughts on “The day I rented a French chateau (for my loved one)

    1. It’s a very nice place to stay. The pool is heated during winter months and gets chilly for summer, with open windows to the woods. Perfect getaway ! Thanks for reading and for stopping by 🙂


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