New York City for Newbies 

If you’ve been there, you’ve loved it. If you haven’t, you will. Here’s my guide to discover New York City In a two perfect day trip.

New York City is the ultimate “urban break” trip. Of course, there are many amazing cities to visit, but nothing compares to that excitement feeling of being in Manhttan, surrounded by skyscrapers, hailing yellow cabs, getting lost in metro stations, beating great Chinese/Italian/Ethiopian food, walking through Central Park …. New Yirc City is so refreshing and unique there’s no need to convince you to book your next vacation in town.
First time I went to NYC, I did not even know where to start, how to plan my trip : the city is so huge and there are so many things to do, see, shop and eat that you definitely need to plan your trip if you want to make the most of it. Last week end I had the chance to go back to NYC with a NYC newbie and thought about writing this post.

Here’s what I’d love to have read my first time in NYC.

What about you? Share your NYC tips for newbies commenting below or tweeting it out to @trythesky ! 

Enjoy and you too, love New York as we all do,

1/ Get your compass and navigate the city


You’ll be surprised (at least I was) by the space appropriation New Yorkers have. The city is divided by streets and avenues (that’s easy) and then, by East and West side. Also, get used to know where you are and where you want to go since Subways go “uptown” or “downtown”. You will see, by the end of your trip, the MTA plan won’t have any mysteries to you.

2/ Know the neighbooods


Sounds basic, but in NYC districts are clearly marked and clearly determined. Get a city map and you’ll see that Manhattan and Brooklyn are pretty much two entire cities by themselves. Manhattan is divided from the Harlem (north of Central Park) to the Financial district (top south of Manhattan). When flying back home, you will easily compare SoHo to NoLiTa and Upper East to Lower West side.

Need some help figuring all this out ? Here’s a simple NYC neighborhood map fir you by NYMag.

3/ Moving around 


The worst idea in NYC would be renting/having a car. Public transportation works fine and will get you everywhere in town. Taxi and Uber are also good solutions, always carry small notes to tip taxi drivers.

3 advices :

– get a MetroCard as soon as you get to NYC

– download MTA plan to your phone

– wear comfortable shoes. In Manhattan : you.will.walk.

Here’s to MTA website, your NYC trip best friend.

4/ Airports

JFK, Newark, La Guardia… Yes all those three airports will get you to the city …. and all the three are far away from the city. I’d say the better options (as in public transportation friendly) would be JFK and La Guardia.

Consider booking a SuperShuttle or getting a cab (60 USD from JFK to Manhattan).

To Newark, plan ahead if are going by public transportation, you will need to get a train at Penn Station and it might cost you your flight if you miss your train.

Plan your airport transfer with this complete NYC Airport Guide.

5/ Sleeping in NYC 

Looking for an affordable housing option in NYC ? Well, if you have an old high school friend living in Manhattan, now would be the good time to Facebook-poke him/her.

Otherwise, getting yourself an airbnb apartment would be the best choice. Even if there are a lot of options : Plan Ahead ! NYC is so crowded that even airbnb is not enough. With a little bit of planning ahead you can get great deals and sleep in hip and cosy apartments in Manhattan and make you feel as a New Yorker.

Want to find a hip hotel room to sleep in without mourning your credit card ? Check this cool List of Budget Hotels and Hostels 

… best of all: ENJOY NEW YORK !

Picture Disclaimer: If not stated otherwise, all the photos featured in this blog belong to myself. Do you like them? Great! Be kind and link them back here and/or credit. Thanks 🙂

Are you from NYC and have great tips for new-comers? Got some advice on your own? How was Central Park for you on your first visit to the city? Please share your thoughts in comments box below 👇





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