#ColombianSeries : Where to beautifully sleep in Cartagena

As I was telling you all about last time on my #ColombianSeries post “Love is Called Cartagena“, there is something magical about this city that welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

Since I was traveling with a large (think 50-friends-large) group of friends, I made an extensive research to find the perfect place to spend the week in Cartagena. As it was our honeymoon, I was looking for something special, chic, very Cartagena like and of course…. affordable.

Here are the addresses I would recommend if you are planning a trip to the Colombian love capital on the Caribbean :

1. Sofitel Santa Clara 

No Cartagena hotel-ranking would be complete without this beautiful hotel.

Located a the very heart of the old city, it’s one of the go-to addresses in town. If you can’t or won’t stay at the Santa Clara, at least stop by the bar to try their signature Caribbean cocktails. Hot tip : try a romantic dinner at the garden restaurant. It’s so peaceful and tropical and chic, you won’t be disappointed !

More info : Sofitel Santa Clara, Cartagena 

2. Hotel Casa India Catalina 

Since we were a very large group, some of our guests stayed at this hotel and I can assure you everyone was thrilled.

The hotel is also located inside the Old City and As many other hotels in Cartagena, it is an ancient colonial house turned into a hotel boutique. The staff is SO VERY friendly, rooms are cosy and the patio and swimming pool will certainly make you a happy person.

More info : www.hotelcasaindiacatalina.com 

3. Casa Estrella : Renting a Colonial house, just for yourself 

Traveling with a large group ? With family and friends ? Then I’d recommend you to rent a Colonial house, OF COURSE !

When I first thought about staying for a week in a 300-yeard-old palace with 12 friends I was kind of skeptical about our (financial ) capacities in doing so. Well, Casa Estrella was the answer to all we asked for : a 7 bedroom, 4 floors colonial house with antique furniture, ball-room, typical Cartagena balconies and a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city. Every single day of my vacation I felt like a rich Countess enjoying my tropical palace.

Oh : breakfast is included and there’s always a maid ready to cook for you… Really : what else ?

More info : http://www.casa-cordoba.com/

4. Casa Roman : Your colonial home away from home

 Same owners of Casa Estrella bought another colonial house and turned it into a 3-apartments beautiful furnished hotel. You can rent the whole house (as we did) or just the apartments separately. They can arrange extra beds if needed and will serve you breakfast in your apartment living room or by the rooftop pool.

Oh, and there is a supermarket right downstairs and you are 2 minutes away from the main Plaza de la Aduana.

Really, book it now.

More info : Casa Roman


5. Casa Maria : Tropical Luxury just for you 

I really wanted to rent this one for my husband and our friends but couldn’t arrange dates. So I am keeping this one for my next vacation in town. Why was I so obsessed with this house ? Well …. Think about a colonial house turned into a high-end modern tropical paradise.

More info : www.casamariacartagena.com

Other great sleeping options :

And here are other hotels and houses that made it to my Cartagena address book : 

– Hotel Alfiz : www.alfizhotel.com 

– Casa La Fe : www.casalafe.com

– Casa Veranera : casaveranera.com

– Casa El Carretero : www.casaelcarretero.com

– Casa Lola : www.casalola.com.co

What about you ?

Have you been to Cartagena and have a great place to share? Please comment below. I’d love to hear !



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