Coffee in your plate: eating at Salento’s “Café Bernabé”

Salento is filled with restaurants, bars and coffee shops, most of them hanging Colombian flags from their balconies or showcasing young girls in folkloric costumes to catch tourists’ eyes and stomachs. That’s fine, but Café Bernabé is even better.

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“Café Bernabé” is your ultimate go-to gourmet experience in Salento

Hidden in a little street aside the Calle Real you will find a small gourmet restaurant hosted by Bernabé’s grandson. Food lover and coffee lover expert barista, he created this restaurant to honor the life and work of his ancestors. As his grandfather Mr. Bernabé, many honest and hard-worker families from the Valley had to quit this beautiful and generous region pushed away by Colombia’s recent violent history. Years later, the now owner came back and created Café Bernabé to share his love (and incredible knowledge) for coffee in all of its forms.

Yes. All of these are coffee-makers. Ask  about them to the restaurant owner, talented chef and coffee lover and coffee barista, and he will tell you all about it…!

This restaurant was recommended by our lovely guests at Reserva el Cairo (READ : Sleep at the very heart of the Valley) and we went there for dinner. The restaurant is very small so do not hesitate to place a call to book yourself a table since the place is packed everyday for lunch and diner. We did not get to take photos of our meal… it was so delicious we did not even think about pictures! The menu is based on a fusion and modern cuisine using a traditional colombian coffee as the main ingredient. Get ready to taste mango, blueberries, meat or pork with a coffee twist… yummy yummy !

Number one restaurant in Salento (and top Ranked by TripAdvisor), Café Bernabé has been proving since 2012 what young entrepreneurs can build with their passion and expertise, showing what Colombia has to offer ….and making Salento shine again.

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Already been to Salento? Did you try Cafeé Bernabé? Do you like coffee? Everything you want to share in comments box below 👇


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