Read my latest feature on Travel & Boutique-Hotel hunting around the world, with Amberlair

AMBERLAIR is a super cool project led by  Kristin Lindenberg and Marcus Orbé. Their passion for travel and hotels drove them to create their very own boutique-hotel with a unique twist : building a concept with the help of all boutique-lovers around the world ! As they say, it will be the very first crowdsourced boutoque hotel, to open soon in Italy. How exciting is that?!

We sat down with the lovely people from from AMBERLAIR to discuss travel, hotels and boutique hotels… everything we love and everything we hate !

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-02 a las 9.35.46 a.m..png
To read the entire feature, head to

You can read the complete feature HERE (yay that’s me!) and join the incredible AMBERLAIR adventure on 

Cheers and enjoy 🙂


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