#ColombianSeries: Top things to do in Cartagena with or without friends

Cartagena is a perfect city for solo traveling, a romantic getaway or a family+friends trip. Here’s a short list of top things to do in Cartagena: solo-friendly, romantic-proof and crazy-crowd recommended. One only advice: wear sunscreen and enjoy the most visited city in Colombia !… Read More #ColombianSeries: Top things to do in Cartagena with or without friends

The Story behind Filandia’s (very hype) “Helena Adentro”

When a young Colombian entrepreneur and his Kiwi partner left Australia and decided to create a restaurant with a modern take on Colombian food, they chose a little town hidden in the mountains: Filandia. And they named it “Helena Adentro”, meaning both “Helen is Inside” and poetically enough “The Eden Inside”. We did not know… Read More The Story behind Filandia’s (very hype) “Helena Adentro”

#ColombianSeries: Things to do near Salento

If you are traveling to Colombia, you might be planning a trip to Salento. A beautiful town with nearby Cocora Valley. Once you’ve explored the valley (READ : “What is it like to horse-ride all the way up the Cocora Valley?”) and wandered around Salento, what else is there to do? Here’s a list of some main activities to do near Salento to make the most of your trip to the Cocora Valley. Enjoy :)… Read More #ColombianSeries: Things to do near Salento